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Tips For Buying - Find the Perfect Property

Buying a home is a big step! Whether you're buying your first home, your forever home, or your tenth investment property, your transaction will be a large investment. I understand how important this is to you and how to streamline the process to make it a joyful experience. I have an army of experts in the field to make sure we find the perfect property for your unique circumstances. Finding the perfect property is just one way I am able to help you through this real estate purchase. As a real estate agent, I have ongoing access to experts in every related field, from lending to relocation. I will not rest until I have walked you through every step of the buying process. This is my gift and guarantee to you and because this is my neighborhood as well I can provide you with the detailed information about the various communities with updated market reports as well as any activity on the properties of interest. In today's market, it pays to be ahead of the rest, so my availability to you is important. I have a clear understanding of the local market, and an excellent inventory of homes. I also have full access to our Multiple Listing Service (MLS) so you can shop online at your convenience. Make a list of the homes you want to see and we will tour them together, one at a time or make a day of it. The best way to make sure you choose the right home is to properly prepare yourself. Information is king. Having an up to date, knowledgeable agent will not only prevent overspending, but will help guide you through this tedious process. The purchase of a home is a tremendous investment, both monetarily and emotionally. I understand that, so I make myself available with understanding and patience. The purpose of this page is to provide you with some tips to help your transaction progress smoothly and result in you being a happy homeowner.

Get Pre-Approved

Do you already know how much home you can afford? There is nothing more frustrating for a buyer than looking for a home, finding the perfect property, then discovering it is outside of their price range. Speak with a lender to learn about the different financing options available to you. There are many products available for each buyer to fit their financial situation. Finding the right lender is an important part of this process. Shop around, do your research, it will benefit you to be in the know. When you have found the right lender, get the paperwork processed so you will be ready to buy once we have found your perfect home. Prequalification letter doesn't take long for any lender.

Avoid Major Purchases

In order to determine the amount of home to fit your budget, a lender will use your debt-to-income ratio among other credit worthiness factors to determine the percentage of your pre-tax income you spend on debt. Your debt ratio will include monthly housing costs, car payments, credit cards, student loans, and any other installment debt. If you take on more debt before purchasing or during loan process it will have an impact on the amount of the loan that the lender will finance. It is always best to wait to purchase big ticket items until after closing this deal.

Have The Home Inspected

The last thing you want to discover after you have bought a home is that you have purchased a "money pit". By "Money Pit" I am referring to a home full of defects which will end up costing you a lot of money. Save yourself from future litigation by bringing in a licensed home inspector before you buy. If any problems are found this report will help you make an informed decision. Remember, everything is negotiable, and being informed from all angles is the goal.

Get Help

Your home is likely to represent one of the largest investments in your life. In order to make sure the transaction goes smoothly it is of vital importance that you choose the right agent to represent your interests. The right agent will be someone whose experience and personality makes you comfortable. An agent that is familiar and knowledgeable about the area you plan on making your home, and an agent that is available to you in a moments notice.

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Tips For Selling - Get Top Dollar Fast

Make Improvements

You would be surprised how much a simple coat of paint can increase your property's value. Minor or major repairs may be needed, but the best repairs are the ones that bring value to your property. Call me, allow me to come tour your home. I have the experience to know what buyers are searching for in this market. I know what will increase your property's appeal and drive up your value.

Be Ready To Move

Homes today sell fast in this ever expanding market. Long gone are the listings that sit out there stagnant for months on end. The Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex is one of the fastest growing metro areas in the United States therefore once we get your property active it will not be a long drawn out process.

Get Your Facts

You will be asked to fill out a seller's disclosure. This documents provides prospective buyers all the pertinent information on your property so that they can also make informed choices. When was your roof replaced last, do you have a survey, when was any major repairs last done, as well as any maintenance. The facts sell homes!

Call Me ASAP

The buyers are out there shopping for your home. Don't allow them to pass yours by. The home that lists tomorrow missed the buyers from today. Knowledge is free, so don't delay.

Meet Khristian
Khristian was born and raised in the DFW metroplex, which provides him with an extensive knowledge of Dallas and its many diverse neighborhoods. Whether you are searching for a sprawling estate in Highland Park, a three bedroom family home in Lake Highlands, or a one bedroom loft downtown, Khristian will help you find the perfect home to fit your needs. Khristian began his career in real estate directly after college as a surveyor before transitioning into the mortgage industry. This allows him the luxury of having first hand experience of all aspects of your transaction. With his 15 plus years of experience in the industry combined with his expansive attention to detail, he is the true full-service REALTOR. He will go above and beyond through all aspects of your purchase or sale to make sure the process is painless and seamless. Making sure that you are not only completely satisfied, but elated as well. His mission is to exceed your expectations by finding properties tailored specifically to your lifestyle, needs, and aspirations. Buying, selling, or leasing - Khristian's integrity, loyalty, professionalism, and passion for homes will make the process easy, fun, and stress-free!

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Why Me?


Directly out of college I began my career in this industry as a surveyor. After mastering the ins and outs of the actual land and what makes a property, I transitioned into mortgage. From title work, to actually drawing closing documents, I have expertise on all the documentation that can be overwhelming at times. Having someone that has been on all sides of the transaction is important. I then branched out into sales. This allows me to combine my love of people and my passion for homes. I have spent several years buying and selling houses in the Dallas and surrounding areas.

My Network

Over my career I have made many connections in this industry and continue to do so every day. These contacts build a network of professionals that I have personally cultivated a relationship with. My network of trained professionals are ready for anything I can come up with. Lenders, title, inspectors, plumbers, HVAC, movers, the list goes on and on. If you have a need, I have the answer!

I'll Guide You

I understand that buying or selling a home is a complex process. I know that people have questions and concerns. This is why I am here. I have the knowledge and expertise to help you along the way. I will inform you of each step so that you will not be hit with surprises and conflicts. No question is stupid except the ones not asked.

I'm Available

In such a fast paced market, it is of utmost importance that your REALTOR be available to you any time. So many phone calls, emails, and texts go unnoticed by professionals these days. This is one of my pet peeves. If my clients need me, I am there!! IF you have a question at 9:00 pm, call me! I will answer.